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Do you have a Wagner spray gun? Perhaps you're a DIYer or professional painter that uses Wagner Spray Equipment. Here at Paintworld, we are experts on all Wagner sprayers and are able to service and repair all Wagner products. Visit a Paintworld Wagner Service Centre to sharpen up your equipment today.

wagner service centre

Wattyl Paintworld Penrith and Campbelltown are Authorised Wagner Service Centres.


We highly recommend that you service your Wagner equipment regularly and prior to use. There is nothing worse than preparing for a big paint job, only for your equipment not to work the way you want it to. We suggest using a Wagner Authorised Service Centre as using a non-authorised method will void the product of warranty and may affect the future performance of the equipment, in addition creating potential safety risks.


Only Wagner Authorised Service Centres are able to assess and carry out warranty related repairs. Servicing and maintaining your tools will ensure a long life span and will also ensure that your investment is well cared for. Get it serviced with our in house specialist and you can be sure you're gun will be ready to go every time.


If you'd like to discuss cost and the process of servicing your Wagner equipment, call us at either the Penrith or Campbelltown store:


Penrith: (02) 4731 1178 wattyl.penrith@wattyl.com.au

Campbelltown: (02) 4622 1661 wattyl.campbelltown@wattyl.com.au


Wagner spray equipment is excellent for all users including professionals and DIYer's. Wagner has an innovative range of spray guns for several different applications including wet paint and powder coating. Wagner being a worldwide brand, has a fantastic reputation for manufacturing top quality spray equipment that we absolutely recommend here at Paintworld. Wagner equipment ensures that applying paint to walls, ceiling, furniture, indoors and outdoors feels like an absolute breeze whilst delivering fantastic results. There is no project too big or small for a Wagner spray system.


Wagner offers great solutions for painters, plasterers, metalwork or woodwork specialists. Wagner systems bring you the confidence that you can complete a perfect surface finish whenever you use one of our products for any job. Check out our great range of Wagner products here.

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