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Jul 24 2018 0 Comments

Product Applications Buildings Corrosion & fire protection coatings for buildings Mining Coatings for abrasive and corrosive environments Offshore Oil/Gas Coatings & fire protection for upstream oil & gas Onshore Oil/Gas Coatings & fire protection for downstream oil & gas Thermal Power Corrosion protection for thermal power plants Transportation/Pipeline Protection for transportation vessels & pipeline Water & Waste Linings & corrosion protection in water & waste Wind Power Protecting wind turbines from tip-to-toe Intercryl 428 Product Type Intermediate Chemistry Water Based Acrylic A one component heavy duty, high build water borne acrylic emulsion which provides excellent pliability and elasticity, allowing appreciable...

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Best Value Paint for Your Money

Feb 16 2017 0 Comments Tags: Colour Specialists, DIY Home

A coat of paint can really transform the look of any room, floor, doors or deck, and it doest cost you a small fortune to get a new look from some ageing items in your home. But when you see paint on the market ranging from $8 a litre all the way to $20 or more, it starts to raise questions. Are those more expensive paints REALLY worth the money?  One factor that you need to consider, is the type of paint. Oil based paint or water based latex. Oil paints are great for durability and provide a really smooth...

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The Colour Specialists

Jan 31 2017 0 Comments Tags: Colour Specialists, DIY Home, New Look, Painting

We aren't know as the colour specialists for nothing! Paint Place Merrylands have one of the largest ranges of colour with all the major brands in the Painting game. And if you want something just a little different, our specialists can match colours for you with just a swab. Our extensive range includes the full colour libraries of all major paint manufacturers plus over 450 New Look colours. If you're place is in need of a colour change, why not drop into one of our stores and try us out for yourself.  WHAT IS NEW LOOK? New Look is manufactured...

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