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Paintworld is a leading independent paint specialist offering our services through our online paint shop. Founded in Sydney by Peter Cipolla and Carmelo Cipolla in 1993, we boast six paint stores in the Sydney region. Paint Worlds' philosophy is to provide our clients with high-quality paints and fantastic paint accessories at great prices.

As true paint specialists, we have trained staff ready to help you with step-by-step guidance to help you tackle your DIY painting project. They will help you with selecting the best color schemes and decorating tips. Our paint brands are arguably the best you will get from the market. The best part? Our store offers them a diverse collection to ensure you have a wealth of options to work with. Check them out below!


Paintworld supports the Australian online market with fantastic paint products for DIY and professionals with these great brands for all applications!



Mirka is arguably one of the market’s best paint brands and comes with dust-free sanding solutions. They have a wide range of surface finishing technology. Mirka innovates sanding products that make your sanding job hassle-free. Their equipment is built for both DIYers and pros and they come at great prices.




Norglass is also one of the best paint brands for premium paints and surface coatings. All Norglass products are made in their Sydney plant. Each raw material is carefully selected for its performance. Their products undergo a triple-check evaluation to guarantee the raw materials are to their highest standard before use. Here at Paintworld, we offer a fantastic range of Norglass products, from paving paint to acetone.



Nutech is Australia's oldest and largest roof coating specialist. They have a fantastic range of products if you want a finish to enhance or protect surfaces. The Nutech range includes paint for interior/exterior walls, driveway coatings, roof sealers, concrete coatings heat, and reflective coatings. Nutech Paint products are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring unrivaled performance in all conditions. All Nutech products utilize polymer science and advanced technology. Check out their fantastic range at


Rust-Oleum is a great source of high-quality coatings and protective paints for both your DIY home and industrial applications. Tested by tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike for decades, Rust-Oleum products are backed by years of research and development. Check out the range of their products at They stock everything from Epoxy to ceiling paint.



Oldfields is one of the best paint brands for high-quality painting accessories and paint brushes that help make your painting project much easier. Their equipment is suited for the DIY home renovator or professional painter. The products are designed to make work easy, saving time and effort through quality and performance.



iQuip is undoubtedly one of the most popular paint brands for supplying premium painting tools and accessories. Check out iQuip’s product range at



Organoil offers a range of fantastic paint products that allow you to maintain the life of your timber by withstanding extreme weather conditions. Organoil’s products are created from renewable resources that add an incredible lifespan to your deck. Check out their product range at



Graco is one of the most suitable paint brands for contractors and homeowners. They specialize in sprayers of all sizes of paint jobs, giving you an easier and much more efficient way of painting. If you want to finish your paint job up to 15 x faster, check out their range of Graco sprayers and equipment at




Cutek provides fantastic products to preserve the look and extend the life of the wood. Whether it be your furniture or deck, fence, etc., Cutek allows easy ongoing maintenance of your wood's unique color, texture, and grain for longer. Check out Cutek's diverse product assortment at



Sikkens is one of Australia's best premium paint brands, offering transparent timber finishes and removal products. Their products, useful for residential and commercial settings, will help you protect timber by maintaining its look and longevity. Check out the Sikkens’ product range at

Final Take Away

Using high-quality paint products and accessories is key to a successful painting project for DIY and professional projects. Check out to purchase premium products from the best paint brands in Australia!

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