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Flexio Wagner  585
Pro Spray 3.25 Skid
ProSpray 3.20
ProSpray 3.21
Trade and DIY Available
Airless Sprayers Spray Guns From traditional Airless technology, modern Aircoat systems through to heavy duty plaster spraying equipment.
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20pk of 25mm Chip Brushes
3pk Polyester Roller Covers 230mm x 38mm
3pk Polyester Roller Covers 230mm x 38mm
4 Litre Paint Bucket
4L Plastic Bucket
Little Lovely Decoration
WALLPAPER SALE ON NOW!! 20% OFF Vision wall coverings Want a change but without all the mess of painting? Why not come and chat to one of our friendly staff about our wallpaper options.
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E60 Water Based Epoxy Primer
Gripset 11Y Latex Additive
Gripset 270° Corner
Gripset 90° Corner