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How to Paint Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

Sep 11 2019 0 Comments Tags: DIY, How To Guides, Pool Paint

Winter's finally ending in Australia (although some places might disagree!). The warmer weather means that we'll want to start prepping the pool for those afternoons of cooling off after school or work. But rather than just cleaning and adding in the chlorine, why not take advantage of the last few cooler days to recoat your pool, ensuring it’ll be in tip-top condition for summer? Provided you’ve got a week of fine weather with no rain, coating your pool with NuPool is really easy.  Preparation is Key If you’re after a long lasting professional looking finish, making sure the surface of your pool...

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How to Use Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

Aug 07 2018 0 Comments Tags: Colour Specialists, Speciality Finishes, Whiteboard

Dry erase paint is a new trend that is making all types of spaces more fun and functional Tips for using dry erase paint – Dry erase paint (or white board paint) actually takes two cans of paint that need to be mixed together and painted on the surface. (The paint doesn’t come pre-mixed because it needs to be used within a certain time frame, about an hour or two for many brands, once the two paints are mixed.) If you don’t want to be pressed for time and rush your paint coats, try dividing the paint up into smaller...

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Patching a crack in your asphalt or driveway

Aug 07 2018 0 Comments

Sealing a concrete driveway is a sensible way to protect and extend the lifespan of the material. Thankfully, it doesn't require much time or money to do so and is an easy way to keep the area around your home looking its best. A quality siloxane concrete sealer can add years to the lifespan of a driveway at a low cost.

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Choosing the Right Paint Brush

Jan 30 2017 0 Comments Tags: Choosing the Right Tools, DIY Home, Painting

CHOOSING THE RIGHT BRUSH WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE A good paint brush will hold more paint, helping you get a smoother finish on your wall and reducing that "splashing" effect when you lift your brush off. The best way to check the quality of a brush, is to run your hands through the filament (or bristles). It should feel full and have a slight resilience. Value range brushes will not last as long as a premium grade brush, but they will have their place where finish, quality and brush life are not a priority. Too many brushes to choose...

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Choosing the Right Roller

Jan 30 2017 0 Comments Tags: Choosing the Right Tools, DIY Home, Painting

Choosing the right roller for the job Just as brushes come in different shapes and sizes, so do paint rollers. Selecting the right roller for the job will help make the project easier and give you a better final outcome. There are a couple of things to take into consideration when selecting the right roller.  PILE HEIGHT OR NAP The pile height, or nap as its more commonly known to painters, refers to the width of the fabric/material of the roller. Generally, the thicker the nap, the more paint it will hold. The rule of thumb here in most cases...

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