The Most Useful Painter's Tools

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Though it’s not the easiest task, painting your house is a surefire way to transform your space. However, giving your room a fresh coat can be challenging. Thus, if you’re planning a painting job in the future, you must ensure that you have the right tools. To help you prepare and get started, we have rounded up a shopping guide with all the essentials you’ll need for your next paint job. Below are 9 of the top essential tools you’ll need for painting.

useful paint tools

1. Wall Cleaner 

If you want to work with a clean surface, a walk cleaner is among the most useful painters' tools since a dirty wall will prevent the paint from adhering or cause the paint to bubble. You can use the classic cleaner, Spic and Span, with some water and a sponge to get the surface dirt off the walls before I paint. 

2. Rollers 

Rollers are one of the most useful painter’s tools if you have a large wall area to cover. There are natural rollers like wool which are suitable for oil-based paints, and synthetic rollers like nylon rollers which are best for latex-based color. When your roller has a shorter nap, the finish will be smoother. For those tight corners and smaller spaces, you can try out the ROLLINGDOG 6-Piece Mini Paint Roller Kit, which is great for maneuverability. This tool will help you seamlessly get around those tricky corners like door frames.

3. Brushes 

Brushes are also among the most useful tools in your painting job. Although rollers are great for covering large wall spaces, brushes are crucial for smaller areas and edging. The natural-bristle brushes are best for oil-based paints, while polyester brushes are for latex paints. Select a two 1/2-inch angled brush for painting trim and cutting in. Angled brushes make it easier to paint straight lines along small areas. Furthermore, the flat-headed brushes are ideal for filling larger, even spaces. You can check for quality brands like Wooster and Purdue to get the best brushes.

4. Paint Tray 

You’ll also need a paint tray if your painting job involves a roller. It’s best to choose metal paint trays because you can use disposable plastic inserts for different paint colors in the package. With this tray, you can dip the roller in the paint, roll it back and forth on the ribbed slanted surface for even distribution, and remove the excess paint before rolling it on your walls. Sometimes, it could be unpleasant to use since you’ll have to keep changing the refill throughout the paint job. However, the Handy Paint Tray, which fits an entire gallon of paint, features a magnetic brush holder and handle, making your painting job easier and faster.

5. Painter's Tape 

Purchasing a quality painter's tape like a blue tape is an essential addition to the most useful painter tools. After taping it on the wall, you need to run a damp rag over the edge to create a seal. Check the release dates closely and when the tape needs to come off. The period it must come off the wall may vary from 15 to 30 days. The painter's tape is useful in taping off surfaces you don't want to paint. It’s also important to choose the right tape for your project since there are different types of tape for different surfaces.

6. Edger

The most useful painter tools must include an edger. The edger is useful for those small areas you don't want to paint, such as window molding. Edgers can be metallic or plastic and can be used instead of tape. Using the edger is simple because you only need to hold it against the space you don't plan to paint and apply your paint along the outside edge. When using an edger, clean it before moving it to ensure that you don't accidentally drag paint where you don't want it.

7. Drop Cloth 

Drop cloths are among the most useful painters' tools because they preserve floors and furniture during a painting job. They come in different materials and prices like, canvas cloths, which are the most expensive but last long and absorb paint well. Plastic drop cloths are lightweight and reusable. When you have a drop cloth, it means less cleanup later. However, a canvas drop cloth is your best option if you want a reusable drop cloth. 

8. Scraper 

Scrapers are excellent for scraping off flaking paint, opening paint cans, removing painters tape and applying painters tape. They are useful in many different ways. We highly recommend using one for your next paint job.

9. A Ladder

A ladder is among the most useful painters’ tools, especially for the high spots, unless you're just painting some baseboard trim. Beyond just painting projects, a ladder is a handy tool around the house.


You don't need fancy stuff to paint your house. Settle on the essentials and later splurge on a few enhancements. Regardless of your expertise, the tools listed above are the most useful painters’ tools you should consider in your tools and accessories list. But remember, the important aspect of a successful paint project is preparation. Make sure you have your list ready so you’ll know what else you need before starting. 

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