How To Paint A Roof

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If you live in Australia, maintaining your roof is essential to keep your home safe and secure. Due to the challenging weather conditions in this region, like intense UV exposure, salt-filled winds, drenching downpours and corrosive pollution. Your roof will likely deteriorate more quickly than other types of roofs. To effectively protect your roof and prolong its life, you will need to take certain steps when painting it for better maintenance. Keep reading to find out how to paint a roof in Australia!

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1. Inspect and clean the roof

The initial step to paint a roof in Australia is to check and note where your roofing material has cracks or damage. Before you start painting, ensure you replace any damaged parts on your roof. If your roof is tiled, begin from the lowest tiles replacing the damaged tiles towards the peak. Additionally, ensure you clean the debris and moss from metal roofs or tiles using a power washer. Start cleaning from the roof's peak working downwards to ensure you don't lift any shingles or tiles. Allow some hours for your roof to dry before you begin painting because if you start painting while the roof is wet, it may get caught between the shingles and paint, causing mold to form.

Some roofs in Australia are made with asbestos materials. We recommend not to clean Asbestos roofs. 


2. Select the right paint and equipment

Purchase water-based acrylic paint.

To paint a roof in Australia, tough water-based acrylic paint is generally the way to go. Check out our Nutech range. This paint is ideal for the Australian climate and the extreme weather conditions experienced in the country. This 100% acrylic water-based coating is durable and uses technology that reflects the sun's radiation away from the surface of your roof, keeping your roof looking cooler. You can spray, brush, or roll roof paint to concrete, unglazed terracotta tiles and metal roof surfaces, including Colorbond.

  • Use a paint sprayer or brush

If you have an airless paint sprayer, use it to get the job done quickly or rent one. However, if you cannot access a paint-spraying machine, go for paintbrushes and rollers.

Safety first

Have safety gear like shoes or boots with non-slip soles that allow you to easily walk on your roof without falling. Additionally, get a safety harness and secure it around your shoulders and legs, so you won't fall off your roof while working.

How To Apply the Paint

Use plastic sheets to cover the vents and skylights that you don't want to get paint on. Use painter's tape to fasten your covering so none of your paint can get through. Now that everything is set, you may wonder how to paint a roof- where to begin and where you will end. 
Here is how to paint a roof when all is set:

  • Begin painting from the top toward the bottom of your roof.

Position your ladder in the middle of the roof along the bottom edge. Begin painting from the peak left side of your and work across the top to the right side. Proceed to paint downwards towards your ladder. When you get to the bottom, paint the final section.

  • Apply a coat of primer

Use a water-based primer to apply a coat and let it dry before adding a better color- For metal roofs, you need to apply a coat of Metal Primer . When you paint a roof in Australia, the metal primer must be anti-corrosive and suitable for zinc, galvanized iron and bare metal surfaces. For the roofing tiles, you can use Roof Primer.  

For a superior finish, use Primer for deep penetration and even stronger adhesion. Ensure you coat your roof evenly with a thin primer coat covering all the roofing material. Allow some time for the primer to dry- at least 2 hours before you start applying paint. As you learn how to paint a roof in Australian weather, you must go for the best paint you can get. Here are some of the most suitable paint products for Australian roofs: Mirka, Norglass, Murobond, and Nutech, among other paints.

  • Paint across your roof strips

Once the primer is dry, step back from the first strip you have painted and work towards the opposite side of your roof with the first coat of paint. Ensure you overlap the painted area slightly, so you get even coverage. Allow it to dry for 2 hours, so it is safe to walk on it when applying the second coat. Go back to where you started painting and paint the second coat the same way. Work across your roof until you finish painting. You can have a third coat after the second coat dries if you want a more vibrant color.

  • Finish by painting the edges or tight areas with a brush or roller. 

After the second or third coat of paint is dry, walk back to the roof and look for any areas you missed. Apply paint on any edges or tight corners using the tip of a roller or a brush, so the color looks uniform. When you finish applying the first layer, wait for it to dry before applying another coat.

Final Takeaway

If you were wondering how to paint a roof, now you have all the information you need in this guide. We have covered how to paint a roof in Australia and the paints that are suitable for painting a roof in Australia, considering the climate of Australia. There are a few considerations for you to paint a roof in Australia. The main consideration is the harsh climate which begs for tough paints to have a sustainable roof. If you can't do it yourself, hire a professional to help you.

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