Painting Equipment Sydney

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Painting Equipment Sydney


Suppose you’ve decided to embark on a DIY house painting project but are feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of painting equipment Sydney available in the Australian market. Knowing the most suitable painting tools will ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned bucks by purchasing non-essential tools. Buying the right painting tools to paint your Sydney home is key to the success of your DIY painting project. So, what tips must you consider when shopping for painting equipment? And, what are some must-haves in the first place? Keep reading to discover these details and more!


painting equipment sydney


Helpful Tips for Shopping for Painting Equipment Sydney

  • Cost of the painting equipment

Often, cheap painting tools may denote a lower quality and vice-versa. However, ensuring that the tools are essential to your project's success regardless of the price is more important.

  • The scale of your project

The size of your DIY painting project will determine your choice of painting equipment. You can get brushes for smaller surfaces, rollers for slightly bigger surfaces, and airless paint sprayers for larger surfaces.

  • Opt for tried-and-tested brands.

Research brands with premium painting supplies with positive ratings and reviews to ensure your painting project equally gets a high-quality finish.


What Is Some Necessary Equipment to Use?

  • High-quality rollers

High-quality painting rollers are necessary for helping you get an incredibly smooth finish and help you save a lot of time while at it! 

  • A metallic and hooked paint tray

This tray will be handy when you want to paint up high, e.g., very high walls, the ceiling, etc. It comes with many conveniences since attaching the paint tray to your ladder is possible, and climbing up and down the ladder to reload your roller won't be necessary.

  • Painter’s tape

Painter’s tape helps you to get straight and clean edges. It is not costly, and buying one for your DIY home painting project is highly recommended.

  • Different-sized and high-quality paint brushes.

Going for both big and small brushes is advisable because different spots in your home will require different-sized paint brushes. You may really struggle to cut corners as neatly as you wish when using a huge brush; while using a small brush for relatively larger surfaces is not ideal because it’s time consuming. Also, selecting high-quality brushes with bristles that neither create streaks nor sheds is key to a lovely finish.

  • Protective clothing

Covering as much skin and clothes as possible is second nature during your DIY painting task in your Sydney home. You can wear an old pair of overalls to ensure the paint does not go on your skin or ruin your clothes. Your protective clothing must be comfortable enough to let you move around freely when painting. You can also throw a pair of safety goggles into the mix!

  • Canvas drop sheets

Canvas drop sheets prevent paint from bleeding through them and ruining the carpet instead of plastic drop sheets that are slippery and don’t absorb paint.


Some Popular Equipment Brands to Check Out on

  • Graco

Graco products offer the best airless paint sprayers for different-sized paint jobs. These airless paint sprayers provide an easier and more efficient way of painting. In addition, they enable you to paint faster and achieve a professional and high-quality finish. Check their array of painting equipment at

  • Mirka

Mirka offers a wide range of dust-free sanding solutions and equipment, e.g., fastening straps kits, sleeves for hoses and cables, clean-up kits for a dust extractor, etc., that make your DIY sanding jobs easy and hassle-free. Check out their fantastic range of accessories at great prices at

  • Oldfields

Oldfields is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality paint accessories like paint brushes designed to give you an easier and less time-consuming DIY painting project. Check them out at

  • iQuip

iQuip is a renowned supplier of premium painting accessories such as painter’s tapes. Check them out at


Final Thoughts

The success of DIY house painting projects, whether in Sydney or anywhere else, depends on the equipment you’re using. Use the information above to confirm the checklist of the painting equipment Sydney you’ll need to get a high-quality finish. You can also visit to check out some of the best painting accessories in the Australian market.

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