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Giving your Sydney home a stylish makeover is always an exciting affair. However, as thrilling as the idea might be, doing a little research regarding your DIY painting project is crucial. So, if you want to paint your Australian home, this blog will highlight some fantastic facts and tips to help your home painting efforts. Let’s get right to it!

 home painting sydney

Statistics Related to Painting a House in Australia

Home painting in Sydney is becoming more popular. The Australian Painting and Decorating Services industry's market size per revenue will hit approximately $4.8 billion in 2023, with an expected CAGR growth rate of about 3% by 2028. More painting-related companies are expected to be created. Having enough knowledge regarding the best painting services for your Sydney home DIY project and the most suitable painting supplies is, thus, super important.


Shopping for Painting Supplies

Getting your painting supplies in order before you start painting will ensure that your DIY painting project moves along quickly and nicely. The secret ingredient to achieving high-quality results is buying and using high-quality painting supplies. So, what are some recommended tips to consider?


1. Get the right brush for the job.

You will require different types of brushes for your painting Sydney home DIY painting project. Large brushes will be more suitable for larger surface areas, and smaller ones for painting smaller spots like borders, moldings, and trims. Always go for high-quality brushes to achieve an equally high-quality finished project. For example, a brush with split ends or longer bristles in the center and shorter ones on the outside gives you a finer finish and lasts.


2. Get a roller if you will be working on large surfaces.

Getting various rollers of different sizes is incredibly important to help you meet your space needs. A roller with a fiber or synthetic surface for latex-based house paint is recommended. For oil-based or alkyd paints, go for natural or synthetic fiber rollers. Ensure your roller will leave a smooth paint coat. Confirming there are no obvious seams on your roller and seeing how fast it regains its shape whenever you squeeze it is a quick test to establish your roller’s smoothness.


3. Paint Sprayers will also be handy.

Paint sprayers are obvious picks for very large spaces as they help you achieve the right coverage.


4. Ensure you have essential complementary tools to make your Sydney paint house goals successful!

There are several additional accessories that you will also need to make your DIY painting project a success. These tools include;

  • Tarps will be handy in preventing paint from getting on your furniture or flooring.
  • A painter’s tape will help prevent wall paint from "ruining" the ceiling or getting on your moldings.
  • Wearing gloves and other protective clothing, e.g., overalls, to protect your clothes and skin. 


DIY Home Painting Project in Australia

Painting your home in Sydney does not have to be a difficult task. Here are a few general pointers to make the experience much easier!

1. Select the most suitable house paint and primers.

The house paint color and primer determine the success of your DIY painting project and the appeal of your paint house design. Some questions to consider include the following:

  • Do you wish to use a bold color or match it with your surroundings?
  • What materials do you intend to paint, e.g., roof tiles, bare wood, etc.?

The wrong paint and primer might eventually devalue your Sydney home. Therefore, go for oil- or water-based enamel for your doors and trims. On the other hand, specialized paint for your ceiling is recommended. The paint has a thick formula to minimize dripping. Additionally, it does not reflect the light and helps conceal imperfections.


2. Always have future projects in your home in mind.

This will ensure you face minimal hassle and costs when doing future renovations. For example, if your walls have a pastel pink accent, they may mesh incredibly well with your buff carpet but look incredibly odd in the future when you add red tiles to your Sydney paint house design.

Home Painting Sydney - Final Thoughts

DIY painting projects give you a fantastic experience and are more pocket-friendly when you consider the steep hourly prices of professional painters. Use the insights above to get started on your Sydney DIY home painting project. Good luck!

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