How to Paint Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

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Winter's finally ending in Australia (although some places might disagree!). The warmer weather means that we'll want to start prepping the pool for those afternoons of cooling off after school or work. But rather than just cleaning and adding in the chlorine, why not take advantage of the last few cooler days to recoat your pool, ensuring it’ll be in tip-top condition for summer? Provided you’ve got a week of fine weather with no rain, coating your pool with NuPool is really easy. 

Preparation is Key

If you’re after a long lasting professional looking finish, making sure the surface of your pool is prepared correctly is the most important step. Empty the pool, and unplug all the pool equipment. Then pressure clean the entire surface using a washer that is set to a minimum of 3000psi. If your pool is old or exceptionally grimy, you may need to wash it twice. If your pool is new or has never been painted, etch the concrete using Nu-EcoSafe Etch and then rinse well. If you already have a 2K epoxy coating on your pool, sand or abrade the surface. For a fiberglass pool, or one coated with chlorinated rubber, contact your local reseller or Nutech directly for the best way to proceed.

Repairs and cleaning

Once the pool is clean, any cracks or chips can be repaired. You may not need to do this depending on the condition of your pool. Once the surface is sound, vacuum any debris using a vacuum with a soft bristle head.

Safety First

Before you start any mixing or painting, ensure you have a safe mixing area. This is a space near the pool that has been covered with tarps, cardboard or drop sheets to protect the ground underneath. Make sure you have read the TSD and SDS provided on the NuPool product page, and have the correct safety equipment on hand.


Mix NuPool in a 3:1 ratio. This is a single 2-part kit. Pour Part B into the larger Part A container, then mix thoroughly using a drill mixer. Hand mixing is not sufficient to ensure the proper solution is reached. The first coat may be thinned by adding 20% EPiC Epoxy 500 Thinners and stirring again. Let sit for 10 minutes prior to use.


After allowing the paint to sit, cut in the corners and edges of the pool using a brush before rolling the remainder of the coat. Ensure the entire surface is covered to create a strong coating. Allow this coat to dry for at least 5 hours before repeating the process with a second coat. Do not wait more than 48 hours between coats.


NuPool is extremely slippery, as water sits on top of the coating. To create a non-slip surface, sprinkle Nutech Coarse Anti-Slip evenly over the second coat while it is still wet, then apply a third coat of NuPool after the recommended drying time.


Allow 7 days of drying before re-filling your pool. If the surface becomes wet, or if it rains, remove the water and allow to continue curing.

Available Colours


What happens if it rains a few days after application and the pool fills up with water?

Using a pump, remove the water from the pool as quickly as possible to enable the curing process to resume.

What pool surfaces can I use NuPool on?

First determine the coating on the pool surface using a Nutech coating test kit. Ensure the pool is properly prepared prior to painting.

NuPool Epoxy can be used on bare concrete, existing epoxy coatings, or fibreglass.

NuPool Chlorinated Rubber is only for recoating existing chlorinated rubber surfaces.

If I apply the first coat of NuPool in the late afternoon, can I apply the second coat early in the morning?

NuPool is best applied between 15oC – 30oC ambient air temperature for optimum results and it is important to have drying times within this temperature range.

What happens if I run out of NuPool and only have enough for one coat or a partial second coat?

Two full coats of NuPool are required for a sound, quality finish. Anything less is expected to fail prematurely due to not meeting the minimum film build requirements.

Always consult the staff at your point of purchase for the correct amount of NuPool required for the job and always have the width, length and depth measurements of your pool so that the store staff can help you calculate the amount of NuPool required.

Can I use a different NuPool 2 Pack Epoxy colour as a third coat to highlight or paint in stencilled pictures for decoration?

Yes, provided you apply within the recoat time application window.

Can I mix all of the paint at once?

No. Only mix enough paint for one coat at a time. The mixed paint has a pot life of 4-5 hours.


To See our range of paint and colours, visit our POOL PAINTS page on the website. 


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