Sikkens is a premium brand that offers transparent timber finishes and removal products. Sikkens exists to protect timber by maintaining the look and longevity of the wood in your home. Check out our Sikkens range below.

Sikkens products enhance the natural beauty of the wood at your home. They offer you the very best in professional woodcare and coating systems. Useful for both interior and exterior settings, Sikkens products can be utilised in both residential and commercial settings. At Paintworld, we highly recommend their use for residentail settings. Sikkens is an incredibly popular product amongst our customers and feedback has been fantastic.

Sikkens has been testing their products in Australia since 1973, and can be relied upon to be resistant to the aussie weather. It is used by architects, designers, builders and painters throughtout the country. Sikkens is recommended by professionals and used by professionals when only the best products are suitable for the job.

Sikkens formulas offer transparent, high qualirt coating that will make your wood look stronger, healthier and last longer, providing the optimum level of protection needed. Sikkens is one of the first products on the market that effectively seals your timber from the weather but also allows it to breathe and repell moisture.

Sikkens provides a range of great oils that produce similar but different types of finishes depending on what you are going for. 


For instance Sikkens Cetol Slip Resistant is a water repellent, slip resistant, transparent timber stain for exterior use including decks, stairs and walkways. You use this as two coats on top of the Sikkens Cetol HLSe. It really brings out the beauty of the wood whilst giving it great protection from the weather.


You also have Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro, which is a quick drying exterior timber finish which is water based. This is ideal for decks and outdoor furniture, giving extra durability. Using this product will give your decks and outdoor furniture enhancement of it's natural characteristics and colour of the wood.


And we also have Sikkens HLSe, which is a stand alone 3 coat system fr the decoration and protection of timber decking, outdoor furniture and roofs. It can also be used as a base coat under other Sikkens products.


This is just some of the fantastic Sikken products we have available at Paintworld. Explore our range by clicking the button below, or you can even come to one of our stores to take a look. Use our store locator to find out which of our stores is closest to you.

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