How to Paint Cornice

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A cornice is a decorative architectural element that is typically found on the top of a building or room, where the wall meets the ceiling. It is a horizontal molding that projects out from the wall and is often ornamented with detailed designs, such as dentil, egg-and-dart, or acanthus leaf patterns. Cornice can be made of various materials such as wood, plaster, or MDF. Stay tuned for the below and we will give you some great tips on how to paint cornice.

how to paint cornice

In interior design, a cornice can also refer to a decorative element that is applied to the top of a window or door frame, or to the top of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet or bookcase. These types of cornice are often used to add a finished look to a room and can also be used to conceal window treatments or other hardware.



1. Clean the cornice thoroughly with a mild detergent and water, and allow it to dry completely. Here is our range of cleaning products.

2. Sand the cornice lightly to remove any loose paint or rough spots.

3. Apply a coat of primer to the cornice to improve the adhesion of the paint and to provide a consistent base for the finish.

4. Tape off any areas of the cornice that should not be painted, such as the ceiling or walls.

5. Apply paint to the cornice using a brush or roller, making sure to work in small sections to ensure an even coverage.

6. Use a small brush or roller to paint the edges and details of the cornice, being careful not to get paint on the surrounding surfaces.

7. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying a second coat, if necessary.

8. Inspect the final coat for any drips or uneven areas and touch up as needed.

9. Remove the tape and any other masking materials.

10. Allow the paint to dry and cure completely before reassembling any hardware or decorating the room.

Note: Cornice are usually made of MDF, wood or plaster. It is important to use the right paint and primer for the material. Generally most paints are suitable for all materials, however make sure to double check. It is also important to check for any water damage, cracks or other issues before painting, as this will drastically affect the quality of the finish.

To assist with the tips above on how to paint cornice, we have compiled a list below of things NOT to do when painting cornice, just to ensure that you make the most of your paint job.

When painting cornice, there are several things to avoid to ensure a successful outcome:

1. Do not paint over a dirty or greasy surface. Clean the surface thoroughly before painting to remove any dust, dirt, or debris.

2. Do not paint over any flaking or peeling paint. Sand the surface lightly to remove any loose paint before painting.

3. Do not paint over a surface that is not dry. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying paint.

4. Do not use paint that is old or has been stored for an extended period of time. Old paint may have lost its ability to adhere properly or may have changed consistency.

5. Do not apply paint too thickly or in a heavy coat. This can result in drips and runs, and can also make it difficult for the paint to dry and cure properly.

6. Do not apply paint in direct sunlight or in high humidity. This can cause the paint to dry too quickly, resulting in an uneven finish.

7. Do not use a paintbrush or roller that is not specifically designed for use with the type of paint you are using.

8. Do not neglect to use a paint primer before starting to paint. This can lead to poor adhesion and uneven surface.

9. Do not rush the process, take the time to carefully paint the cornice ensuring proper coverage, and drying times.

A cornice is a decorative element that enhances the features and look of your house. It is important to paint cornice in a professional manager that will help add a much more complete and sophisticated look to your home. We hope this guide has given you a good idea of how to paint cornice. Be sure to check out our online store right here for any paint products you need for your next DIY or professional paint job.


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