How to Oil Your Deck

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A properly maintained wooden deck is an excellent outdoor home improvement that can add a new dimension to your home's appearance. A wooden deck wears out over time, but you can easily bring it back to life with some simple do-it-yourself maintenance.

When wood is harvested from trees, the oil content reduces, weakening the wood. Decking oil penetrates deeply into the wooden Deck to replace its natural protective oils. This nourishes the wood, preserves the grain, strengthens, protects, and brightens the wood by returning it to its original color.

Due to Australia's harsh weather, oiling a deck is critical. Decking oil regularly shields the wood from UV rays and forms a waterproof seal that keeps rain out. Even if your wooden Deck is brand new, some simple preventative measures can help it remain to look fantastic for longer. If you reside in Australia, here's how to easily oil your Deck and maintain its beauty. 

how to oil deck


The frequency of oiling your Australian decks is one of the most important tips to know about how to oil your Deck. We recommend you oil your Australian decks every six to twelve months for the best results. If you've recently installed a new timber deck, it may be tempting to oil it right away. However, you should check with your timber supplier before you begin, as some timbers may require four to six weeks of weathering before coating. Weathering your Deck is important because sun and rain exposure will leach out any tannins and oils. As the wood turns grey, it's a sign that the Deck is weathering well. Weathering ensures that the oil penetrates deeper into the wood, providing greater protection against the elements.


Choose a day that is expected to be dry, with no likelihood of rain. Clean any dust from your wooden Deck with warm soapy water and a stiff-bristled decking brush. Hose the Deck to rinse it and allow it to dry. If a deeper clean is required, some flooring manufacturers can recommend an appropriate cleaning solution. In this case, lightly scrub the boards with this solution, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse with a hose. Once the wood has dried, oil your timber deck. Choose an oil that brings out the wood's natural grain, color, and texture. A good oil will coat easily, repel water, resist mold and fungus, and provide UV protection.

For application, we recommend using a pad with a pole extension for large areas.


The materials and tools you need to complete your oil decking process are:
• Hand Bucket
• Deck Cleaner
• Decking Oil
• Decking Oil Applicator
• Outdoor Broom
• Paint can opener
• Gloves
• Paint Brush
• Paint Stirrer


We have a selection of fantastic decking oil products that will freshen up and make your deck look fantastic. All our decking oil can be seen here: Decking Oils. The Sikkens' Cetol HLSE is a great oil-based treatment for humid climates. The other option you can consider is the Cutek Extreme CD50 or Or Organoil Merbau Decking Oil.


• After cleaning and preparing your timber decking for oiling, it's time to apply the oil. Before using the oil, thoroughly mix it.

• Read the tin instructions to determine the drying time and how long you must wait in between applications.

• Start to run the pad or brush as far as possible along a single board without touching any other boards. Do one row at a time. Using long, continuous strokes, ensure an even coat of penetration on each board.

• After applying the first coat, follow the instructions for when to apply the next coat. Since the timber can't absorb as much oil the second time, less oil will be needed. Too much oil on the deck surface can make it sticky. To clean up spills, have a rag and tarps on hand to help thin out the oil from the wood.

• After the second coat, leave the Deck to dry. The drying may take a day or two to replace Deck furniture, depending on the weather. After that, oil and seal the Deck every 6 to 12 months.


In this post, we have discussed how to oil your Deck, the importance of oiling your Deck, when to oil wooden decks, and how to prepare your Deck for oiling. Remember that oiling your Australian Deck for the first time after installation differs slightly from oiling an old deck. Apply these steps to keep your Australian decks looking great and beautiful for a long time. Good luck!

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