How To Clean A Colorbond Fence

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Colorbond can be used in many applications, especially for roofs, fences and gates. It is so preferred because it is not only durable but also long-lasting and is made of aesthetically appealing materials widely used across Australia. For all these reasons and considering its low maintenance requirements, Colorbond fencing is an attractive choice for Australian homeowners. This article looks at how to clean Colorbond fences to ensure proper maintenance, keep them looking good and eliminate the cost of replacing or repairing Colorbond. Let’s get started!
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1. Use a hose to clean it

Hosing the fence down is a priority tip on how to clean Colorbond fences because it is the best solution in removing the cobwebs that build up on the fencing, consequently making the fence lose its great looks. If you stay near Australian coastal areas like Sydney with salty air, a wash down with water every now and then won't hurt.

2. Ensure nothing is leaning on your fence

Although the Colorbond fence is strong and durable, when there are heavy-leaning objects on your fence, it can weaken over time. Moreover, placing items against your Colorbond fence can cause scratches and markings, making the fence look less appealing.

3. Clean the fence with Mild cleaning materials

Although Colorbond fences are made from durable surfaces, you must be gentle when cleaning them. Avoid using scourers or metal based cleaning tools. 

If you choose to clean a Colorbond fence extension or the entire fence, always remember to use soap and warm water. Additionally, find a soft sponge for better cleaning results. It is not advised to use scourers because they can cause scratches to your fence and create shiny spots. A wet sponge and a soft brush are ideal for cleaning off dirt and debris.

4. Use paint for fading and chalking.

Sometimes giving the fence a coat of paint will bring it back to life. However, it would help if you first gave it a good clean-up by mopping with a soft bristle brush and ensuring you hose the surface down with water before letting it dry. You should apply quality water-based exterior acrylic when the fence is completely clean. Consider having two coats for better results. 

5. Avoid getting fertilizers on the fence

When you want to spray down dirt from the fence, ensure you do not spray it with garden sprays or fertilizers since this can be detrimental. Fertilizers are mostly made up of corrosive chemicals like ammonium sulfate, which reacts with metallic objects. If your Colorbond fence accidentally comes into contact with fertilizers, you must wash it off as soon as possible.

6. Clean regularly if you have a pool nearby

If your Colorbond fence is located near a pool, it will require regular cleaning. Such is bound to happen more during summer when your pool is used more than usual, particularly by kids and pets. Pool water has chlorine and salt, which can be corrosive to your Colorbond fence.

7. Consider the type of soap

The soap type plays a crucial role in how to clean Colorbond fences. The only recommended soap is soap with less or moderate chemicals because they can compromise the appealing look of the fence. Immediately after you finish cleaning, remember to rinse your Colorbond fencing with water because if the soap stays unwashed, patches will develop and give your fence a bad look.

8. Remove soil build-up

The soil will start to build up at the bottom of your fence, and when it accumulatesm it retains water and moisture. This will damage your fence. The best tip to clean a Colorbond fence with accumulated soil is to grab a shovel and ensure the soil levels remain slightly below the base of the fence. Your Colorbond fence should never be used as a retaining wall because it is not designed for this purpose.

9. Seek the help of Colorbond fencing contractors and experts

If you still have concerns about how to clean Colorbond fences, seek the advice of Colorbond experts. These experts will provide you with more detailed instructions on how to clean Colorbond fences and leave them looking beautiful.

 Final Takeaway

Your Colorbond fence is an important part of your property, and maintenance is key if you want to make it last longer. This article has addressed the best tips for cleaning Colorbond fences and the substances you should avoid during cleaning. By closely following these tips, your Colorbond fence will last for a very long time. In summary, no soil should get in contact with it, and cleaning should be done regularly with mild soap and warm water.

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