Cubby House Paint Ideas

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A cubby house is a kind of playhouse that is very popular in Australia and New Zealand and has always been a staple in most Australian homes. However, many of these are exposed to harsh weather, are neglected, run-down, and long-forgotten, devoid of color and character. Adding personality to the cubby house is a fun and all-inclusive process. You only need a sunny afternoon, some good paint, and much love! 

Summer is fast approaching, and as the days warm up, it's a great time to step out, bask in the sun and make memories with your kids. The best way to kick-start the fun is by revamping your kids’ cubby houses with them. Doing so will not only keep them entertained but also give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The most important rule for this assignment is to let your little ones be the creative heads. Now, it’s time to explore the top and trending cubby house paint ideas that will work for you and your loved ones.

cubby house paint ideas

1. Use Different Shades of Blue

Blue has an innate soothing quality. To avoid the cubby house from looking monotonous, use different shades of blue to layer the walls and add character and depth to them.

2. Uplifting Yellows

Whether you want to paint a multi-story cubby or a quaint one-room with a window, uplifting yellow schemes are the right cubby house paint ideas. They will turn your kids’ run-of-the-mill cubby into a kid’s outdoor retreat. Yellow schemes , paired with a crisp white shade offer a simple look to complement most home styles and backyards. 

3. The Celery Green and Dulux Commandes

If you’re looking for cubby house paint ideas with a bolder and edgier look, pairing different shades of Green will work best for you. To create a long-lasting finish, you can apply a Weathershield paint to protect from Australia's harsh weather conditions. 

4. Make A Statement with Red Colour

No colour makes a statement the way red does. Therefore, this is your colour scheme if you are keen on painting a cubby house that turns heads. You can also soften it by using an easier shade like orange. But no matter the option you choose, remember to add a white or grey frame to balance off the colours.

5. Colour rainbow

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to choosing the right colours. Most kids love bright shades, and rainbows are fun cubby house paint ideas. An extensive palette of colours will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

6. Mix And Match with Contrast

Mix and match might be your colour scheme if you are looking for the best cubby house paint ideas. This involves painting the walls in varying hues to define the wall. Spruce up your cubby by adding contrasting shades on the doors, and you are good to go.

7. Shabby Chic

A Shabby Chic is among the best cubby house paint ideas because girls and boys will love playing in their Australian country farmhouse-inspired cubby house. You can do a face-lift of the cubby house by adding some modern touches and bright beachy colours, like the gorgeous teal and white. You can use thin brush strokes or mix your paint with water to get that weathered look.   

8. Try Chalkboard Paint in The Cubby House Design

Chalkboard paint is one of the best cubby house paint ideas that involves painting one side of the walls with chalkboard paint. Your kids will love leaving notes and drawings inside their new cubby house!  

9. For The Love of White

Nothing says classy like the colour white. And in our opinion, it is the only colour that can stand alone and still look amazing. But if you want to play more with colours, you can add darker shades to your door and window frames.

10. Shine Bright in Bright-Hued Neon

Nothing speaks summer more than the beach, and nothing shows the beach experience more than bright neon tints. These tint cubby house paint ideas will give your outdoors an eclectic makeover.

11. Build A Princess Castle

Creating a tiny castle for tinier princesses through creative painting is among the cubby house paint ideas that will make yours the neighbourhood’s sensation. The effortless white and powder pink colour schemes will make even the adults want to move in.

Tips On Painting Preparations

- Collect your painting supplies.

Due to the harsh Australian weather, it is best to use Exterior Paint to paint your cubby house! Also, prepare a high-quality brush for cutting in, a drop sheet, a medium nap (10-18mm) roller, a roller tray, 400 grit sandpaper, painter's tape, and some old cloth. You can find all products here on our website.

- Prepare.

Ensure the cubby house surface has been adequately prepared before the painting day. Follow the instructions on the label on the can for more information.

- Begin painting.

Do this by cutting around all the edges and hard-to-reach areas using your paint.

- If you want the best results, start at the top and work your way down.

Proceed with painting the underside of your boards with long strokes in horizontal motions from one side to the other. Here is an additional tip- don’t stop halfway along the board and return to it later because you will create an overlapping of paint that is difficult to correct. Allow drying for 2 hours.

- Use light sandpaper with 400 grit to give the surface light sanding.

Then repeat step 4 for a second coat. If you are painting plain timber, apply a third coat.


So, if you want to add a pop of colour and give your cubby house a fresh new look, try using rainbow colours, shades of blue, Mix and Match with Contrast and more. Your kids will love spending time in their newly renovated cubby house.

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