Choosing the Right Paint Brush

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A good paint brush will hold more paint, helping you get a smoother finish on your wall and reducing that "splashing" effect when you lift your brush off. The best way to check the quality of a brush, is to run your hands through the filament (or bristles). It should feel full and have a slight resilience. Value range brushes will not last as long as a premium grade brush, but they will have their place where finish, quality and brush life are not a priority.

Too many brushes to choose from? These tips should help you choose the right brush for the right project. There are 4 main descisions to make when choosing a brush

  1. Type of filament
  2. Style of brush
  3. Size of brush
  4. Quality of brush 

Every brush has its purpose. And here, we'll try help take you through the best option for your purpose, wether its a whole Wall, Table, Deck or just a touch up.


The filament is the long haired strands on the end of a brush, also known as "Bristles". The choice of filament is the first part of making sure you're picking the right brush for the job. Each have their strengths, but if you need a quick guide you can follow the below point

Synthetic Filament : Work well with almost all paints, but are best suited when using water based paints.

100% Pure Bristle : These types of brushes are 100% pure bristle, and are best suited for oil based paints.

Polybristle Blend : Work well with almost all paints due to the blend in the bristles. They will work well with water based paints as well as oil based due to the mixed blend.

Style of Brushes

The next thing that you need to decide is what type of brush style you need. There are a few basic styles to understand, which will help make your project easier.

Paint/Wall Brushes : These are the most common type of brush. With a shorter handle than cutting brushes they come in a variety of sizes for a range of different paint jobs.

Cutter Brushes : These are the go to brush for cutting in before rolling, with angles cut for filling in around windows and door frames, ceilings and corners. They will have alot less filament than wall brushes as holding paint is not the main priority of these brushes, but the long handle helps to control brush strokes.

The cutter brushes comes in Sash, Angle and Oval shapes made for shrper, more accurate painting.

All of the brush types come in various sies from 38mm and smaller, to 100mm width. The small brush heads are used for finer jobs like furniture, touching up and hobby painting, while the larger brushes are used for walls and ceilings.

Our Paint Specialists at your local Paint World store can help you with the right choice to make sure your project looks like it was done by a professional. Come in to store and have a chat with one of our team members to pick the right brush for your job.

Paint World stocks a huge range or brushes from the biggest names including

  • Selleys
  • Monarch
  • Rota Cota
  • Purdy
  • Protex
  • Rokset
  • Little Gem
  • Paint Place and
  • Uni - Pro

No matter what you're painting. We've got the right tools for the job.

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