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Different Types of Undercoats & Primers

Preparation is the most important aspect in a good paint job. Having an undercoat provides a great base to apply a full finish allowing your final coats to look better and last longer. Undercoat smooths the surface below and fills in the grain. There are several differences between Undercoats and Primers that are worthy of noting depending on what paint job you are doing.


Undercoats are used to smooth out surfaces and are often sanded prior to re-coating. However it is not absolutely neccessary to sand the coat prior to recoating. Undercoats can be used on top of a primer or a sealer to create a smooth and protected layer of paint. Primers are great to use if the condition of your surface is powdery, loose, or stained. There are different types of primers to use depending on the surface you are painting. Primer can be applied to several different surfaces including Wood, Masonry, Fiberglass and Metal.


In conclusion, undercoats and primers are used to enhance the completed finish of your paint job. Your paint will look better and last longer. It is a no brainer to use primer for most paint jobs. And most of them are incredibly easy to work with. We highly recommend their use at Paintworld.







Primers have several purposes and can be used in the following applications:


-Smooths out surfaces that are not flat.

-Acts as a moisture barrier, preventing moisture from travelling to the top coat.

-Can act as a preventer of mould.

-Coats and seals stains.



Undercoats can be used on top of a primer to smooth out imperfections and to make a singular coloured undercoat to apply final coats on top of. It also acts as a surface to apply an adherent top coat on. Without undercoat, top coats can easily peel and have a short life.


There are several undercoats available including products with both undercoat and primer capabilities in one. For instance the very popular Zinsser 3 in 1, which acts as a undercoat, primer and sealer all in one, making it possible to use on several surfaces for many different applications. This will save lots of time.


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