Painters Tape - Top Tips for Aussie DIY'ers


Painter's Tape is an awesome product that makes painting much easier and provides a much cleaner finish to your final paint job. Across Australia, many DIY painters do not use painter's tape because it can be frustrating and time consuming to apply painting tape especially when you are trying to complete a large paint job. However applying painter's tape can actually save you time on a job, since it eliminates timely and costly painting mistakes. At Paintworld, we highly recommend using tape as it will make for a much more stree free job, and beautiful looking paint finish.


We have a great range of Painter's Tape including the brands iQuip, Promask and Oldfields. All our tapes are strong, durable, and are removed easily. Depending on the job you need done, you will have to pick the most suitable tape to go with. Browse our range below to get an idea of which tape will be the best for you. Also scroll down below to our 'Tips' section to get some guidance on which tape is best for your paint job. You'll find with many cheaper tapes, when it comes time to remove them, they often tear, creating a very frustrating experience. You want to be able to remove the painters tape in one pull.

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1. Choose the right tape to work with


The width of the tape will depend on the type of brush you are using. You can get as narrow as 24mm or as wide as 48mm. If you are using a big paint brush or even a roller, definitely use wide painters tape. If you are using a small brush and doing some small cutting in work, narrower painters tape is fine. For delicate surfaces we recommend using our Promask Washi Tape. And for outside paint jobs we recommend using the Waterproof Masking Tape which lasts up to 14 days in different weathers. Promask Cloth Tape is great to provide strong adhesion to rough surfaces including masonry and plastic sheeting. Otherwise your Regular Painter's Tape or Envo Painter's Tape is sufficient.


2. Always prepare the surface prior to applying painters tape


Prepare the surface by just giving it a quick wipe down. Free the surface of any dirt or debris, and make sure it is dry. No need to spend too much time cleaning the surface, just give it a quick wipe down so the tape will stay stuck to the surface for the entirety of the paint job.


3. Utilise a putty knife and knife when applying painters tape


To ensure a good and neat bond with the surface, grab your putty knife and run it over the tape once you've applied it to the surface. Make sure that the tape is stuck firmly to the surface. Use a knife to cut off any excess at the edges and especially in the corners where you are joining two strips of tape to make sure you get a clean and neat finish. These steps will make sure that your paint job looks even more professional.


4. Score the edge of the painters tape before you remove it


Once you finish painting, ideally you want to remove the painters tape when the paint is wet, however sometimes this can create a mess or isn't ideal because you are doing multiple coats. If you wait until the paint is dry to remove the tape, that is fine, just make sure that you get a putty knife and score the edge of the tape against the surface you painted on, to make sure that when you remove the tape, it does not bring the coat of paint with it. This will give you a very neat and tidy paint line.




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