Choosing the Right Roller

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Choosing the right roller for the job

Just as brushes come in different shapes and sizes, so do paint rollers. Selecting the right roller for the job will help make the project easier and give you a better final outcome. There are a couple of things to take into consideration when selecting the right roller. 


The pile height, or nap as its more commonly known to painters, refers to the width of the fabric/material of the roller. Generally, the thicker the nap, the more paint it will hold. The rule of thumb here in most cases is, the smoother the surface and glossier the paint, the shorter the nap. The general nap sizes that you will encounter are:

Short Naps or 5mm-8mm : These don't hold as much paint as the others, but are the best kind to use with a glossy paint as they leave a thin and very smooth coating. Great to use on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. 

Regular Naps of 10mm-12mm : Will hold most types of paint very well and leaves a soft stippled effect. These rollers are better suited to water based paints and to be used on smooth to semi smooth surfaces as well as wall boards and cement render. They hold more paint than the short nap but the finish is not as smooth. 

Long Nap 22mm-32mm : These rollers are suitable for all paints and will work well on surfaces like cement and brickwork. They hold alot of paint and are great for surfaces where heavy coverage is important. These rollers can work paint into textured surfaces due to the holding capacity and will produce a deep stippled effect on almost any surface.Oldfields Select Roller

Next - We look at the Fabric and Materials of the Roller

Materials do come down to a preference, but there are some very good reasons to pick a specific material if you are trying to go for a particular effect or painting a certain area. 

Woven Polyester : These are suitable for all types of paints

Knitted Polyester : More suitable for water based applications. Great for epoxy and fibreglass coatings because of the smoother finish they give

Sheepskin : Generally used on rougher surfaces as the thickness of the sheepskin will reach into irregularities

Foam : For use with Full Gloss and Semi Gloss where a mirror finish is required

Micro Fibre : Can be used with most water based paints. Best suited for Acrylic Enamels

Textured : Coarse, medium and fine hairs for different texture effects. Suitable with most paintsOldfields Select Rollerv2

The quality of the roller will, in the end, determine the finish. If you require a smooth and even finish on your project, it will be worth looking at options for better quality rollers which will last longer and give you a more even coat.Oldfields Select Roller v5

Our Paint Specialists at your local Paint World store can help you with the right choice to make sure your project looks like it was done by a professional. Come in to store and have a chat with one of our team members to pick the right roller for your job.

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